I Applied For Marc Fennell’s Job

Australia’s youth-oriented public radio broadcaster, Triple J, recently announced that its film critic Marc Fennell would be leaving after a decade of reviewing movies. The station also announced that they were launching a nationwide search to replace him, asking people from across Australia to apply. As a requirement for the role, candidates had to create an audio review of a selected list of movies and television shows.

I was one of those who decided to apply after receiving a hefty amount of encouragement from a number of my friends – being an introvert, it was courage that I desperately needed. The movies I decided to review were Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece The Room, and the recently-released La La Land, “videos” of which are embeded below.

I have no idea what sort of competition I’m up against, or whether I’ll even be considered by Triple J, but at the very least, doing these audio reviews has given me the opportunity to practice reviewing for the medium of radio. I could certainly see myself doing more of these reviews in the future.

For the time being though, I’ll be just as happy blogging.

What a story, Mark!

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