Announcement: Best of the Decade Coming Your Way!

With the decade drawing to a close in a matter of weeks, it’s only fitting to honour the past ten years of cinema, and all the joys it has brought us. So beginning this Wednesday, One Large Popcorn, Please! will be posting a series of articles discussing what this author considers to be the decade’s greatest films, year by year.

While many commentators have bemoaned the many mediocre films released in recent times, to label the 2010s as one of the worst for movies (as some have already done) would be naïve and hasty, especially when one considers the truly brilliant pictures that have been released during this period – some of which will be covered for the first time on this blog over the next few weeks.

The list of the theatrical releases selected are ones that yours truly considers to be the most enjoyable, and the most timeless. They’re a varied bunch, ranging from dramas to musicals to action flicks, all of them representing the best each genre has to offer – and, on occasion, even redefining the medium.

Best of the Decade is not just a reason to celebrate the cinematic joys brought to the world; the other, more glaring reason for this series is to counteract the lack of content on One Large Popcorn, Please! in the past couple of months. Hopefully this series goes some way to rectifying that issue.

This list of films has been (literally) years in the making, so I’m very happy to finally be presenting this series to the world. The first article in the series will be discussing the year 2010, with 2011 following the week after that, and so on.

I hope that you can join this journey with me, and maybe even participate along the way!

– Tom.

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