Update: February 2021

Hello, everybody!

Those who keenly follow One Large Popcorn, Please! will have noticed a dearth in content over the past year (owing to numerous factors that aren’t exclusively due to the pandemic) but that’s about to change in the weeks ahead, with plenty of fresh articles heading your way.

For starters, there’ll be reviews of some high-calibre theatrical releases to anticipate, including potential awards contenders like Judas and the Black Messiah, Minari, Soul and potentially more, time and media commitments pending; plus, there’ll be a summary of 2020 in the form of my yearly awards ceremony, the Fish Called Wanda Awards! Yes, even with cinemas closed and blockbusters pulled from the schedule, there were still some gems released, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

For those of you craving something more immediate, you’re in luck, because I recently created my very own Letterboxd account. I’ve been hard at work curating my profile over the past fortnight, so there’s plenty of content to absorb already, including bite-sized reviews, film lists, and ratings of the latest releases – perfect for those who can’t wait to read my thoughts on a particular movie.

What’s more, I’ll be working on some other projects throughout 2021, which I’ll have more to say about in the months ahead. Until that happens though, stay safe, wear a mask, and make sure you get vaccinated! 🙂

– Tom.

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