Introducing Rating Frames!

Ardent followers of this blog may have noticed an increasing number of articles that make mention of a Rating Frames, but what exactly is it referring to?

Well, Rating Frames is a new website devoted to film criticism, created by the team who brought you the award-nominated Film 101 podcast – Arnel Duracak, Darcy Read, and yours truly. We three cinephiles have been hoping to launch such a website for the past 18 months, eventually doing so last month to coincide with the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Some of this author’s reviews for Rating Frames have already been shared on this very blog; and now, here are two more!

Revisiting Your Name, Makoto Shinkai’s Blessing for a Disaffected World

As one of the first pictures to be reviewed on this very blog, this author was most keen on watching the record-shattering Your Name five years on, wanting to know whether it’s still worthy of acclaim. The resulting retrospective emphatically asserted that it was, and also attempted to answer the question as to why the feature was so popular, particularly outside of Japan.

Australia’s Irish Film Festival Goes Virtual for 2021

More or less a simple breakdown of this year’s annual celebration of all things Irish cinema – an event I didn’t know existed until a month ago. It begins this weekend, and there are plenty of quality films to stream, so if you’re in Australia, it’s definitely worth a look.

But it’s not just this author contributing to Rating Frames, with Arnie and Darcy also providing their insights when required. Both gentlemen have more eclectic tastes than yours truly, so if you’re craving something a little different – whether that be a film or an opinion – then you should definitely follow the blog.

Rating Frames is on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us on both platforms!

And there’s no need to cease following One Large Popcorn, Please! any time soon – anything this author publishes elsewhere will always be shared here. 🙂

– Tom.

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