Right on Track Talks All Things Magic Railroad

Australia’s most-popular Thomas the Tank Engine podcast makes a triumphant return with all-new episodes!

Ardent followers of One Large Popcorn, Please! may recall yours truly mentioning his involvement in Right on Track some months ago. After reviewing the first five seasons of the television programme, we made the decision to go on hiatus, and last week relaunched our podcast with a fresh website and a review of the feature-length picture Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Said picture is particularly near and dear to this author’s heart, as it is the second film he ever saw in a cinema, and soon after became a prized part of his VHS collection; but upon rewatching the feature again as an adult, he felt strangely indifferent towards it, despite his continued appreciation of the original television series.

You can hear these conflicted thoughts, and the more nuanced thoughts of Tom Denham and Connor Jonas, in Part One of the discussion, embedded below via YouTube:

And you can hear Part Two of the discussion under here:

You can follow Right on Track wherever you get your podcasts.

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