dsc_3279One Large Popcorn, Please! is a film blog published by Tom Parry, a twenty-something male whose appreciation for movies unexpectedly grew into a passion.

Tom’s blog features a number of articles related to the world of cinema, including reviews of new releases, thoughts on classic movies, opinion pieces on the industry and the occasional post about television.

With a special interest in blockbusters, you can expect to see Tom writing about the biggest films of the day, but also be prepared to witness some of the hidden gems of cinema, a reflection of Tom’s eclectic tastes.

Tom is presently part of SYN, a youth-oriented radio network based in Melbourne, Australia, where he co-hosts Right On Track: A Thomas Podcast and Film 101. He was previously the Executive Producer of SYN’s flagship arts & culture programme, Art Smitten.

Tom’s other media contributions include the weekly Teevee Thomas segment with Geoffrey Johnstone on RPP FM, and written articles for The AU Review and YO Bendigo.

Photograph by Abi Trewartha of Tangerine Creative.